Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Answers to the Justice Biography Quiz

Before school lets out for summer, let me give answers to all students who tried to answer questions about the Justices who have served on the Ohio Supreme Court since 1803.

1) Which justice served the shortest term? Hocking Hunter
2) Which justice served the longest term? Edward Matthias
3) Which justice was the second longest-serving chief justice? Thomas Moyer
4) Which justice was the first woman to serve? Florence Allen
5) Which justice served with his brother on the Court? Frank Celebrezze Jr.

How did you do? The questions weren’t easy, but remember you can learn more about the 153 people who have served on the Supreme Court of Ohio by clicking http://www.supremecourt.ohio.gov/SCO/formerjustices/default.asp.

Thanks for playing!

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